Be your own master!

We usually tend to go with the flow and let everything come as it is. We take whatever Life gives us and try not to be different. But at some point, things start to go messed up and we wonder: why?

It is because we missed the most important activity – setting up OUR intention, making up OUR plans. When you don’t have a plan, somebody or something makes it for you, and you may not like it too much.

Like that saying “if you don’t work for your dreams, somebody will use your energy and pay you to work for theirs”...
It is strange and also sad how we forget about ourselves on the path of just being, helping others, and doing things that need to be done. We remember about inner selves when we feel bad, we are ill, or something shakes us badly. That is the very moment when we start thinking and even talking to God/Gods/Godesses or Else.

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It happened to me also, a couple of times before, but latest a couple of weeks before today. Some colds made me so sick that I felt I will literally die – and we, women don’t die from colds like men do. We somehow endure much more.

I can say that it took me to the edge of being alive, between the worlds… so close to the other one that I literally heard voices whispering, haunting my breath… then I remembered that there are so many souls waiting for a body to haunt… still, I was not scared, but very conscious about the risks nearby.

What I did was just to talk to the Universe, pointing out that I too am a part of It and needed help to stay sane.

My temperature was so high that at some point I heard my father – with passed away a few months ago, calling me to wake up… and indeed the feeling then was lots of black shadows were trying to cover me…

I am writing this now for other single people living alone as I am, to keep in mind that very much can be done with the least of Faith. No matter how bad it is, there is always Hope! Keep your trust clean and you can overcome everything!

When you start a journey to spirituality, to cleaning the energies, or some own path you decide for your own good, various trials and temptations may occur. And when they come, know that you are on the right way and keep your faith!

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You are the only one that makes things happen

My writing comes from nowhere, I just feel to write from time to time. Decided to share only my reality, own feelings, and thoughts that can eventually someday help someone.

I always wondered why nobody wrote a book for Life? a manual to do things in order to succeed!? With steps to follow and clues to measure, but then I ask myself – who would have trusted others?? Lol… none. And also one might say that we have a Bible, a Coran, or apocryphal books, and still, they do not apply to all of us entirely.

Recently in a discussion with a good friend of mine, I was told, that based on my actions made regarding buying a house for myself – my conscious mind was stupid compared to my inner mind (self)! It is interesting that this person trusts no feelings, or senses, and functions only on logic and plans, very long-term plans actually.

So, the idea that occurred to me was that we always know (somehow, deep inside) what to do, and all that keeps us not to manifesting and acting accordingly, was exactly a book we were made to follow, an ancient rule, a parent’s desire, and why not (?) even society’s.

What should we do when blockages appear and we lose ourselves? We need to break the pattern, to change frequency as we do when we don’t like the TV show, or radio music – just stop and change to what we feel suits our soul best.

Healing always comes from the inside.

Nobody got successful by doing a job never liked, and nobody found happiness living with the wrong partner. Last, but not least, nobody felt free in a place where it felt like anything else but FREEDOM to enjoy LIFE.

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Why do we need to keep struggling before our dreams to come true? Because we need to learn we can not control everything and we have to just go trust our unknown powers of dealing with everything as it comes

Trust yourself, because nobody knows better than YOU do!

Ce faci când nu mai poți ?

“Atunci când simt că nu mai pot, mai pot puțin!”

Uneori pare o glumă, dar nu este.

Cui nu i s-a întâmplat să aibă situații sau termene limită și să intre în panică, să simtă hăul neputinței ? Fie că te lasă inspirația, ori că judecata îți joacă feste – un proiect personal, un drum pe care îl simți ca infinit atunci când conduci obosit spre casă, un grafic care își amestecă datele, o temă la școală, o rețetă de prăjitură care sfidează legile logicii, un credit care întârzie să se apropie, o relație care merge din rău în mai rău, o investiție care nu profită cum te-ai așteptat, etc… toate au darul să ne ducă mintea pe culmile disperării cel puțin pentru câteva momente, dacă nu și mai mult.

Ce-i de făcut? : Te enervezi? Te agiți? Bei ceva? Aprinzi o țigară? Strigi? Plângi? Spargi obiecte? Ceri ajutor – cui? RENUNȚI?

Fiind o persoană cu experiență, le-am încercat pe toate 😅 sau chiar mai multe, dar toate sunt pierzătoare…

Deconectarea, chiar și pentru câteva secunde, momente, clipe – este cel mai benefic ce poți face tu pentru tine, când nimeni nu te poate ajuta – și cel mai adesea, ne ducem singuri luptele temerare.

Oprește-te, inspiră-expiră conștient, amintește-ți de ce ai acea situație de rezolvat – pentru că poți, ești o persoană capabilă. Dacă e o chestiune profesională – n-ai fi primit taskul dacă nu erai în măsură să-l realizezi! Dacă e o treabă de ordin personal – cine, mai bine ca tine ar putea face lucrurile?

Fă doar un pas înapoi pentru a avea o privire de ansamblu, și abordează situația de perspectiva Celui mai Calificat – TU. Funcționează!

Avem întotdeauna la îndemână resursele necesare pentru a ne îndeplini cele mai importante proiecte, trebuie doar să le vedem.

Even Goddess needs God

Raised to trust the sistem where there is a God that knows and does everything, we are used to obey to Its eventual punishments for (our) bad behaviour, or to praise Its protection when things are ok.

But what happens when things aren’t ok?

We evolve ourselves back into gods, as we were from the beginnings!

Did you know this?

Because that’s what we are: Child Gods! Not God’s Children

When you see a person struggling into lots of problems, you should understand it is on its way of becoming itself.

It is said that when you keep “fighting” (and winning) your “wars” you start receiving “gifts” as powers for yourself or help from the others.

And that the volume of your obstacles counts your corect path percentage.

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At this point in the writing of this article (after only few lines) I felt a deep need to sleep and had to shut down laptop last night when I started it – a very strange thing, as I wasn’t sleepy when started it. Today I received confirmation that I was blocking myself in giving this information…

So today I felt like I should be writing it in my native language and eventually to make a translation article in the next days.

Felul meu de a fi este unul al extremelor – mă sensibilizez pentru o frunză ce cade din copac, dar am curaj unde alții nu ar avea nicicând…

m-am obișnuit cu mine așa, mă accept și mă iubesc

Mi-am identificat esența divină cu ceva vreme în urmă când am început să primesc daruri, să simt lucruri, să știu adevăruri nespuse.

Am încercat de atunci să cuprind cu mintea mea de femeie, aici pe Pământ, sensuri universale, idei și realități care mi se relevau uneori aparent nestructurat, necerut sau nemeritat…

Ba chiar mi-am stabilizat bine ideea că pot materializa orice, prin intenție – fapt verificat în nenumărate rânduri, încât mă simțeam deja de neatins.

Planuri și proiecte mari pentru care inclusiv am plâns din dorința de a le materializa, începuseră să prindă contur și asta îmi confirma ceea ce știam deja – suntem, fiecare dintre noi, niște mici (dumne) zei, cu potențial de manifestare.

Eu nu reușeam singură dacă nu aș fi interacționat cu un zeu mai experimentat, asumat și metodic

Nu există condiționare externă nouă, dar oh… cât de greu este să înțelegem asta!

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

sau pe românește: ce ești, aia atragi!

Deși nu eram conștientă, ajunsesem într-un punct de unde nu mai știam cum să mă percep, eram atât de uimită de noutatea și curajul meu în viața mea, încât cu toate că eram obișnuită că eu sunt cea-mai-cea / pricepută & știutoare pentru mine însămi, EU am cerut ajutor, și l-am primit așa cum nici cu mintea intuitivă nu aș fi putut ghici.

Un om, care prin capacitățile sale mi-a arătat că este defapt un ZEU. Mă simt ca și când am participat la o revelare divină, nevoia care m-a determinat să scriu acest articol ține de senzația că TREBUIE SĂ MĂRTURISESC faptul că deși toți avem în noi capacități infinite, sunt unii oameni care și le-au descoperit devreme, care s-au educat și au studiat în dezvoltarea lor, încât le este natural să înfăptuiască reale MINUNI.

Folosesc cuvintele în mod asumat, și am convingerea că ele au o putere individuală, motiv pentru care repet – MINUNI.

Dacă înainte a-l întâlni mă mândream cu puterea mea de a ști, acum am fost uimită să văd puterea lui a cunoaște.

El te cunoaște (a se înțelege că te citește) din cuvintele pe care le folosești, din felul în care pe altele le eviți, ori din metodica sa înnăscută. Este uimitor cum parcurgerea unor ore în șir de discuții te poate încărca efectiv cu energie, te poate revigora, și elibera de frici & temeri pe care nu le-ai conștientizat ani întregi (aproape 20), dar care, în mod silențios și organizat te-au afectat în fiecare clipă a vieții…

Și el le-a văzut fără ca scopul discuției să fi fost măcar acesta.

Senzația de eliberare și pace simțite sunt infinit mai puternice decât orice ai putea imagina. Ca și când greutăți din pietre de moară ți se iau de pe tine – nu trebuie să le mai cari…. ești liber să fii TU așa cum ești – esență divină sau zeu-copil, citând maestrul.

Acest episod a fost pentru mine ca un reminder că nu suntem singuri. Deși aceasta este una dintre temerile generale ale oamenilor – Singurătatea, tot ea este cea care ne confirmă unicitatea și puterea de a ne lumina propriile umbre.
Căci DA, despre propriile umbre este vorba. Le negăm și le exilăm din noi, ca mai apoi să ne luptăm cu ele…. Și cum să câștigi o luptă cu cel mai bun adversar al tău – TU ? unii descoperim singuri, alții suntem ghidați să aflăm. Rezultatul este același, simți că ți se întâmplă MINUNI.

Marele adevăr este că minunea ești TU, iar prin acceptarea acestei realități vei putea face ca totul să devină posibil.

Even a Goddess needs a God, nu ca raport de determinare, ci pentru oglindire.

Infinite binecuvântări pentru A.!
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The countryside dream

We heal others in order to heal ourselves first.

One can not offer something before having same need. If you have never been thirsty, you will never think of offering water to someone.

This is the reason that makes me write about different subjects – because I already lived them, or I am still living them, and some are already overcome and closed.

The last almost 3 years showed me one can loose everything, even its both parents, but mainly I am referring to freedom of circulation, to job, to lots of rights and liberties people usually own in democracy states, as my european country – Romania.

Many or all of us felt that we had no power for our own lives. We are so fragile. Physically and mental.

We felt lost and started to search for ourselves in different places, as we realized we have been emptied of ourselves… in the rush of consumption

I felt like the city, the streets, the buildings and walls were squeezing me, the breath in me… while searching for a job, for solutions, of a purpose – so I started to read, to learn, to write. Never quitted believing.

My dream of living in the middle of the nature, having a natural way of life, started to become more vivid than ever, as it also seemed to be a very good option for surviving without having a job – gardening and foraging, maybe also hunting.

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Natural healing – green grass and blue sky

I studied Law school and worked mostly as a sales manager for different companies, even started my own company in 2019 August, and failed it in 2021 January… and went jobless until October.

JOBLESS is a hard way of living, a hardly bearable… I made an agreement for the rent, to postpone it until December, planted cucumbers and tomatoes in the balcony, and started to earn little money by writing small essays for students… and I physically survived.

But my mental was very sensible back then. Everything had the capacity to make me cry. I am still crying sometimes, but not so often.

How did I managed to keep myself “alive and kicking“? I kept remembering that people survived Holocaust, and World Wars…, some even got back from Siberia deportations…

I read and learned about natural remedies, remedies from herbs pickled up from nature. Even cured myself of some problems and used no pill since more than a year, and that is how I decided to grow plants in a garden and gather herbs from nature to make teas and cure people.

Nature has this power of healing us. To breath the smell of the forests is a dream I succeeded to accomplish. And now, when I finally have a place under the sun that is mine, and no pandemic can make me feel insecure or lost, I need help to make it liveable. I dream to make it a place for other to heal as I did, to receive people from around the world, to feel the healing power of Nature.

Dreams come true.

You just have to believe!

the place from where I hope to write soon

Because I strongly believe in reciprocity I created a rewarded donation campaign, so that somebody that would want to help me, could choose something could benefit from my side:

unique pictures

tea bags with healing herbs from nature

tent places

or even house sharing

Please find the campaign here:

Blessed be!

Why Moving to the countryside?

In this era of crowded spaces and noisy people, the majority of awakened people feels the need to be lonely.

Natural places, close to the forest, a quiet village in the countryside, small old house… looks like a picture lots of people designs it nowadays.

Why is that?

Is it because they really need to feel the natural touch of Nature, or just because is cheaper living?

We can not hide that there are rumors about the world war no3 , the economic crisis that is coming towards us…

The thing is that in any case, living closer to the nature it could only bring joy and health to the people.

But what about those who can affort the city life and they still WANT to move to the countryside – is it the need to escape from the crowd?

Does anybody really want to live alone, or escaping cities is a protection against crisis, war, climate change, or else?

You are never Lonely.

Could it be that we have started to look for ourselves? And we find us no more fitting into the crowds?

Cine esti tu în viața ta?

Ti-ai alocat si ție vreun rol, sau exiști din inerție? Faci ce trebuie făcut, spui ce trebuie auzit, mergi unde e de mers, etc…

Am început să scriu acest blog convinsă că o fac doar pentru mine, ca terapie. Ca pe un jurnal. La fel si paginile de Facebook, cu remedii magice, să am unde aduna si găsi toate informațiile la nevoie.

M-am născut cu teama de a nu uita vreodată cine sunt, cum mă cheamă. De mică mă obsedează gândul că aș putea vreodată să uit, să nu știu unde merg, ce trebuie să fac – si de aceea, am început să scriu – practic, pentru mine.

Misticii spun că temerile cele mai mari reprezintă conexiuni cu viețile noastre anterioare, ultimele momente de viață. Fobiile. Am întâlnit o persoană care isi cercetase prin regresie vietile anterioare, si astfel a descoperit că fobia (defapt groaza fată) de porumbei, găini sau orice pasăre zburătoare, venea de la drama unei vieți anterioare care se sfârșise cu moartea sa ca pirat lăsat legat de un catarg… unde păsările cerului i-au sfâșiat trupul.

Am citit si experimentat suficient încât să știu puterea intenției, însă unele stări depășesc orice limite ale imaginației.

Din acest motiv si datorită unor abilități de a discerne realitatea reușesc să înțeleg că unele stări pot transcede dintr-o viață într-alta…

Te-ai trezit vreodată din senin cu sentimentul de deja-vu față de un loc, o replică, sau un miros?

Să ți se pară că STIAI deja ?

ar fi fost ciudat sa nu 🙂

Uneori avem vise în care apar in detaliu locuri unde în mod conștient nu am mers niciodată – de unde vin?

Preotii spun că visele NU sunt de la Dumnezeu. Poate ca nu or fi. Vin din Univers. Dumnezeu poate nu vrea să ne vedem în ansamblu, ci doar să ne ocupam de viață noastră, aici pe Pământ.

Dacă putem


Si dacă nu putem?

atunci suntem nevoiți sa lăsăm frâu liber instinctelor, să eliberam creativitatea, si să facem ceea ce SIMTIM că ne împlinește.

O sa îmi spui că nu trăim doar cu aer – desi știm bine că sunt persoane care se hrănesc doar cu Prana, sau cu apă.

Însă, da, avem nevoie să ne câștigăm traiul.

Important este să rămânem conectați la noi înșine si la ceea ce ne umple sufletele de pace, să ne angrenăm în activități pe care simțim că le știm deja, să avem senzația că totul este o joacă plăcută.

E usor să dai sfaturi, adevărat. Însă cu timp, răbdare si determinare, toate sunt posibile.

Multi ani din viața mea – aproape douăzeci, am consumat energie vitală agitând-mă în lumea Vânzărilor, în presiunea obținerii unor cifre, în viteza si goana pentru depășirea standardelor – lucru ce îmi plătea facturile, dar mă si îndepărta (încet si sigur) de mine însămi.

Poate este efectul recentei pandemii, trezirea la Sine.

Momentul acela când mergând pe o sosea cu 2 benzi pe sens nu vedeai nici o mașină în fată sau în retrovizoare… mai trist de atât nu există – nici un film despre Sfârșitul Lumii nu ar fi putut reda așa brutal nevoia de a mai primi o șansă .

Ai simțit asta? Durerea de a nu mai putea face nimic. Senzația de a fi “legat” si interzis.

Tu ce ai schimbat la tine, după experiența acestei pandemii?

Cum te-ai pregătit pentru următoarele?

Cum te simți TU în viața ta?

Love yourself first

Have you ever felt to share your dreams, in order to receive confirmations, to get support in doing it? Yes, we all did at some point.

As childishly as it may seem, people don’t care about others dreams. Average people.

They usually tend to make you accomplish their needs.

The understanding of this it happened to me this year. And I feel like it was already kind of late, but I am grateful it happened – better later than never. I was surprised to find out some people were raised intro this, educated by their parents – well…. I wasn’t that lucky, and this is the reason I started writing about this – so that you, or others like us, could read about it.

It is nothing selfish in not sharing your plans, but protective.

How do you do this? Just make tests, and see what others would feel about it, and then you will know what to do.

Let me explain:

a brother or sister may want you close to him/her, just to help them raise their kids, or help with the house, and they will particularly tell you to live together until you eventually get married – but the trick is you will never do that, because you can’t meet someone being a house keeper for your family…

Another dangerous situation is coming from parents, mothers mostly.

A mother has that powerful tool wich is called “mother’s prayer” – a tool that can literally kill a human being. Because even if Universe gives this power to a mother, it doesn’t necesarly give her also the ability to use it right.

By now I have already seen a woman beaten by her lover, only because her mother was praying and making priests from monasteries to pray that the daughter separated from that man – and their live together became hell…

I have also discovered a man suffering from different kind of accidents every time he went somewhere else than work or his mother’s house. He bought a house in another city, and he helt so ill that he knew it could kill him – the mother convinced him some gelous girl made him spells, but she just wanted him close to her. He changed job and moved from the city. Then he started again to have spare time and went travelling with his new expensive car, but not visiting too often his mother – he started to have some skin irritation in the root chakra zone….

An another mother prays for her daughter across another continent to fail its love&professional life and to come back to her…. The daughter started to gain weight and have problems….

All the above examples have in common a very old (more than 70 years old) loving mother that prays for the good they think their children need, trespassing the kids free will.

Of course, my mother tried this too… but I will talk about it some other time.

The examples I gave are real, from people around me, one even asked me to “find out” what was the reason for the situation…

Destroying dreams is an occupation family has, and it seems it is their life purpose.

It is not a joke, nor a funny line. It is said that we are born in a family that for sure will make us not remember who we are and where we need to go!

Yes, this posting is as a warning one. We also have to protect ourselves, not just to open up to others.
Keep this in mind for your own good.
Nobody told this to me, so I felt like I need to help others by writing this to be found of those in need.
So, if you read it until here, it definitely means that you needed to be told this today.
Blessed be!

What’s Good for YOU, feels Wrong to society

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”

We are born as individuals into standard families, born to fit into a patern. They design it for us to fit and develop into it, as a tortoise grows in its shell – quietly, so that you can not feel it, nor detect it.

I found nothing more sad than this, and in fact I feel it like the biggest human drama. There’s nothing worse that this, to happen to a Soul… It took me years (almost forty) to understand that the only True way is that of questioning everything!

Don’t just take it for real, ’cause it is not.

Sometimes I keep wondering why nobody in this Univers writes a “How to …live“, or a manual, a handbook, a script or ….something ! that everybody should take it as an absolute truth and so to avoid pain and drama. If you’re reading this and tell me you felt no pain by now in your life, your lying to yourself – not to me because it doesn’t affect me, its your life.

For instance, I was raised with the concept that children are stupid, they don’t know a thing and they should shut up until they were grownups. I was so very convinced on this idea, that when I turned 18, I was waiting for a “shift” to happen to me, the “enlightenment” of adulthood to strike me… So sad, isn’t it? But so true. When realised it was all a big lie, and that many of the grownups (at least by their ages) were way too stupid than imagined, I finally understood the trick – it is easier to raise a non thinker, than to face an Old Soul like I was. My parents did what they knew better, and I was blessed to have them in my life. But the society, the world and its ways of welcoming us here, on Earth …oh, I have no words to describe.

Many of us are much stronger, or weaker – we do not deal Life in the same measure, but we all feel it the same.

How do I know which tribe is mine?

Which is my real vibe and what is fantasy? is there any involve of the brain, or is it really coming from the heart?

You don’t . You just have to trust YOURSELF.

That thing hidden in your veins and crawling for your attention – that is your vibe. To know for sure that you have to do something no matter what, that is your vibe. To feel the need to find a specific place where to live your life, that is your vibe.

When you receive all the reasons not to go or do something that you feel to do, then just go for it. It is a crazy thing that everything conspires in not letting us to manifest our Inner Self.

Maybe it’s some “contract” we signed before we came here, or maybe it is a bigger power trying to stop us, BUT I know for sure that if we really want something, we can achieve it! I have read this idea for so many times and for such a long time not understood it at all.

But when I started to feel I was unstoppable, then it started to move, like a roller coaster.

The reality is that nobody knows it for sure, but when you feel it, then you just have to move forward and no look backs.

This time of the year it is ortodox Easter holiday and they say that The Light comes from Jerusalem brought with the plane to all the ortodoxe countries, but the truth is that Light is within our Hearts. Is showing us our way in this Valley of Shadows…

Just remember:

If you don’t see the shadows, you are on the wrong way.

They appear only to stop us and make us go back into the night…

When the only thing you own, is you yourself…

That moment when you realize no one can comfort your mind, soul, or your body… is one of the most painful moments in one’s life. Not because nobody wants you / likes you, but for that nobody fits your expectations… so can’t have anybody besides you

So what, if you are the best in your domain, if nobody holds you and tells you “congrats, love!”?

What’s the use of having toys if do not have kids to play with them?

What’s the meaning of having a big, layered house, if you can’t walk through it?

They used to say that in life we can’t have it all, and I used to be very sad about this because I have always dreamed of a harmonized lifestyle…

What is the meaning of Life? The role we have to play. To accept what comes to you and deal with it? Or to work hard and obtain what you want for yourself?

Is it some God/deity which makes our ways even harder to drive us through perfection, or is only our Mind controlling reality?

What’s to do then? When you are aware of not being easy to satisfy.

The spiritual way says you should just be yourself and the One for you will find you.

Can us, humans, do this?

Magic resides you