Drumul spre Acasă

Încă suntem mulți cei care avem dilema dacă acasă e un loc real palpabil, sau e doar o plăsmuire a sufletului, un motiv de alint. Sau poate e chiar Raiul? Ori Însuși Dumnezeu?

Nimeni nu-ți dă un manual la Vieții, însă majoritatea religiilor și credințelor spirituale au un concept similar cu privire la faptul că Sufletele se întrupează pe Pământ după ce li s-au șters aminitirile despre propria divinitate, pentru a-și pune la încercare puterea credinței. Puterea Vocii Interioare. Și asta se întâmplă cel mai adesea atunci când ne îndepărtăm de la drumul spre Acasă. Acasă nu e o destinație finală, ci o stare de acceptare a realității create chiar de tine. Ori de câte ori ceva în adâncul inimii îți cere ceva special, o melodie anume, o mâncare, o activitate, un loc ce te cheamă, o nevoie de a fi îmbrățișat ori de a evada în natură; sunt toate strigăte ale Sufletului, sunt semne pe care ți le transmite despre Sinele tău.

Învață să te asculți, să te iubești așa cum te simți!

Acasă este acolo unde ești tu!

Acasă este felul în care tu alegi să te simți!

Crează Magie!

Crede în TINE!

Road to Home

Every time we feel alone or sad, we need to go to a place of wonders, where no evil can enter, where to feel protection and infinite love. Does such a place exist? Do we create it as building a house, a garden, or some other place? or is it all only creation of our thoughts? Is it about God?

Some of us feel better when watching peaceful movies, listening to soft music or sounds, others enjoy sleeping, or on the contrary, some would never sleep when feeling bad… Others will feel great if meditating, most of the people feel better when hugged or kissed by the loved ones, many of us will forget anything if they receive money or gifts, other when eating sweets, or drinking and smoking.

We are different, but in a certain way, we are so similar, because each of us has that little something that brings him closer to Home. What’s home? Home is where your soul is. Home is what makes you feel special.

The majority of the religions and spiritual beliefs are telling us that when Souls are sent to Earth, they are memory erased to see if they could find their road back Home.

So we should know that the call of the heart, will always take us on our road to Home. When you have that profound feeling for doing, or eating, or creating, or writing, or making anything else, well that is your Soul’s way of teaching you how to love yourself!

Deep inside, you already know!

You just have to let yourself believe it!

Believing is Creating!

We are the Creators of our lives!

A Thanksgiving Day gift

As you already probably know, I am very passionate about DIY projects and cooking foods. That is why I encouraje people to start being creative, crafting as much as possible.

They discovered that phisical activities are relaxing brain more than any others – sleeping is in top of them, of course, but we cosnider the constient activities. This would be one of the strongest reasons to begin crafting, but the most important should always be – feeling free to create. My passion for cooking is something that makes me feel wonderful when inventing recipes and mixing spices. Feeling good should be everyone’s state of mind!

So, my idea of gifting is mainly based on people’s passions – what makes them feel good? This time of the year the Master Chefs of every family prepare their best recipes to feel good, loved and to show gratitude – what gift to send them? The creative notebook journal dedicated to Thanksgiving recipes!

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As being one of the most ancient science, herbalism represents the art of healing with only the help of plants. In fact herbalism is medicine itself in its prehistoric times.

Herbal medicine represents the study of pharmacognosy and the use of medicinal plants, which are a basis of traditional medicine performed by women of ancient times.

Many of them were killed or burned alive for this practice of healing, for the sin of having the knowledge of nature.

But those recipes and remedies are not lost, and many of us know about them. That so called green witchery has been transmitted and has its rightful place among healeers over any pharmacy recipe.

For those who are passionate of this crafting I created a journal just perfect to gather all the plants and their features, to gift it or to keep it in the family for next generations.

Please see on amazon.com product list this journal for taking notes. It is the perfect inspirational daily herbalism journal for practitioners of herbalism, for beginners and herbal enthusiast to record and save all your preferred herbs and herbal medicine mixtures.

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Medicinal spices

Since very old times, our ancestors used spices to add flavor to the food. And we enjoy flavors too, in our modern kitchen for the very sophisticated recipes. Don’t we?


But have you ever imagined that those spices have also powers to heal our bodies?

If the answer is yes, as I suppose you will confirm, then you will surely need a notebook journal to write and keep those powerful recipes for healing uses. Every person that loves to discover recipes and create magical food for the loved ones, will enjoy it, and will also want to gift it to friends and family.

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Goddess Alina

Born in the spring of 1983, under the sign of Pisces, I am a person who feels all energies very naturally and easily.

I adore nature, love to read and write, enjoy to discover new things from every second of this life.

The purpose of my work and actions is to help and support all those who need and appear in my way, or interact in some way with my energy.

I will support, within the limits of divine permission, all those who need and ask for help to find their own way.

Blessed be!

The awakening of my healing powers

My very first book

Started to write stories since I was almost 12 years old. Fantasies about a girls life seeking for love and protection, as every little girl has at that age. Later on after 5-6 years, my first novel received some chapters… but as I let myself be carried away by the wave of life, other things appeared more important.

A short time ago this year, things started to change, so I changed.

We all are experiencing different types of change nowadays, and we need to stick to the main one – inner self evolution.

As my healing always came from writing, I started to write again in order to heal myself. Universe sometimes gives me hints and asks me things, like why don’t you try help others? – what a joke, as I felt the biggest need ever to be helped! And then I realized that when we give others what we really need, we in fact heal ourselves.

That was the moment I started to write as un adult, and published for the first time a book this year. You can find it on amazon.com to buy. This is the link for purchase: